eBook Bundle (includes all 8 Animal eBooks)

eBook Bundle (includes all 8 Animal eBooks)

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Buy all 8 guidebooks and get 1 free! This bundle includes a downloadable file that contains all 8 personality animal eGuidebooks. Over 80 pages total.

Each book is packed full of:

School & Learning Help:

Understanding your learning style can aid in your ability to learn and can also enhance you future abilities. In this section, we give you tools for energy, preferred learning environment, instruction style, assignments, activities you will thrive with, and education challenges you may face. 

Ways to Connect and Encourage:

When we know our kiddos, we learn who they are and how to love them. It's out of this knowing that a positive adult-child relationship is nurtured and developed. In this section, we give parents and teachers tools to connect to each kiddo's heart in a meaningful way. 

Challenges in Parenting & Teaching:

Each kiddo's unique personality will bring different challenges. In this section, we describe some parenting and teaching challenges that may pop up with each particular personality. We also give tools for kiddos to learn effective ways to get their needs met and develop coping strategies when life feels overwhelming. 

Advice From Adults:

Do you ever wish that you could talk to the adult version of a child so they could just TELL YOU what they need? We haven’t figured out time travel yet, but we’ve got the next best thing! We asked adults with each personality type, “What is one thing you wish your parents or teachers would have understood about you?”. Their answers provide some fun and practical advice for setting each unique kiddo up for success.